About Us

Defining Quality Forward

U & P Private Limited, founded in 1985, is the engine driving MaxPro1 brand of lubricants in Singapore and beyond. With years of experience and expertise in the business, we have developed and produced quality lubricants for automotive, industrial and marine applications. Apart from being at the forefront of industry standards, we also endeavour to meet the specific unique demands and requirements of certain customers. Our modern machinery and innovative culture allow us to also provide toll manufacturing for a wide range of brands and users, including international oil players and major vehicle distributors.

Our production plant is strategically located at the western industrial part of Singapore with an annual blending capacity of more than 30,000 metric ton. It is supported by a well‐equipped laboratory, and a team of dedicated and competent staff. The plant is within close proximity to the various raw material sources and port of export. The management is constantly looking at acquiring new equipment and upgrading existing facilities to keep pace with market changes.

U & P Private Limited works closely with the major base oil suppliers, as well as leading additive manufacturers. MaxPro1 oils, some of which were tried and tested by circuit racers, are well‐proven and trusted in the market. These lubricants adopt the latest technology and boast superior multi‐functional performance additives. We are thus able to meet the needs of our customers. With the same quality consciousness, U & P has consistently achieved excellent customer satisfaction from our third‐party customers.